Lanterns for Life

Along the last stretch of the walk, the wall falls away steeply towards the sea; and although visibility will not be too bad due to the lights across the bay, we feel it would be an idea to line the edge of the drop with paper lanterns. We would like to offer our participants and supporters a chance to dedicate one of these lanterns, either in support or in memory of the person you plan to walk for. 


Plain candle bags line the seawall from the Lappel bank to Crundell's wharf, while lovingly decorated bags guide the walkers into the finish line

All we ask is a donation per bag, this will help us towards the cost of buying them, and any money left over will go to the scientists at CRUK.

To get the dedication form, please click on this link Lantern Life Dedication Form.doc. Then once filled out, return it to the address below. If you would like to decorate the bag your self, please contact us, and we can supply you with a bag, which when finished you can return to us with the form.
The Sunset Seaside Stroll, Lanterns For Life.
C/O Lee Ewart
110 Manor road
Rushenden, Queenborough
Isle of Sheppey, Kent
ME11 5LU

Alternatively it will be possible to dedicate candle bags on the day,near the start line

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