As you can see from the title the walk will be by the seaside at sunset. It is about 5 miles and should take around two and half hours, give or take.

We will start at the Leas Minster, on the slope leading down to the beach opposite the Little Oyster. walk along the seafront, and up onto the shingle, parallel to Marine parade.

At Barton's point we are back on the sea wall and nice easy concrete. We continue towards Sheerness, and will pass through the flood gate near K's casino, and walk along Neptune terrace. At the end of Neptune terrace, we go over the steps and back onto the seawall.

We now walk along the seawall, Sheppeyfm Will be serving drinks behind their studio, which is between the swimming pool and the sports center. We carry on passed Tesco, leaving the sea for a while when we get to the moat.

Follow the path round behind the petrol station, and out onto Bridge road. Head towards Bluetown, crossing the road at the entrance to the docks, we will have a marshal here, so please take note of what they say. The rout then heads into Bluetown high street.

Move to the left hand side of the High street as this has a wider path, and follow round out of Bluetown and cross the road by the Rapid hire center. Go along the short tarmac path, and up the steps to the raised paved walkway opposite the steel mill.

At the end of the walk way, we climb steps, and return to what used to be the seawall, and follow this passed the car compound, and all the way to Queenborough.

The finish line will be near the park opposite the Old house at home.   

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